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Impact Productions is now more than 20 years of audiovisual productions tailored to the customer: information, human interest, education, corporate films, product movies.
Impact productions translates your message to an attractive audiovisual presentation.

Our Services

Concept/ Script-writing

The preliminary phase of a video project is extremely important for a good production course. Briefings with the people concerned give answers to some important questions: What’s the goal of the video? Why are we making the video in the first place? Who are we making the video for? What’s our main video topic? What should viewers learn from watching it? Screenwriting is mostly writing with the goal in mind, and thinking in pictures. A good script and good planning provide an efficient recording process.


Good camera work requires a lot of experience and professionalism. The camera work is performed by an experienced free-lance cameraman. We can record in all possible circumstances and places, and we can add extra light where needed. Also the recording of sound is very important. During editing, the idea is to let the images tell the story. Music also deserves a great deal of attention. Taking into account all previous topics, guarantee a high quality product. Impact Productions has its own facilities for editing, effects, titles, etc..

Social Media Integration

Would you use your videos online and thus improve the visibility on Social Media? After Google, YouTube is the world's largest search engine. To increase the searchability of videos it is important to make use of titles, descriptions and links. YouTube offers the ability to view your own videos as a sponsored link, just like Google’s AdWords. With 'placement targeting' it can be interesting to advertise in specific videos, so you have the assurance that the target audience will be reached.. Impact Productions makes a ' Video on Social Media ' plan and helps you to make accounts, upload videos on Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook.

Responsive webdesign with Bootstrap

Whether you have a responsive website now are watching on a pc, tablet or smartphone: the website anticipates the type of device and screen format that allows you to visit the site. The bootstrap HTML/CSS/JavaScript framework, originally created by Twitter, provides an excellent base for building custom mobile websites. It is built around modern HTML5-CSS3 coding standards and offers a variety of common user interface widgets. You can start make a website from scratch, or you could use a template and customize it to your own needs.

Our Works

Bioterra NV

Corporate Short Film

Bioterra NV

Biological Cleaning

Bioterra NV

Fysico-Chemical Cleaning

Bioterra NV


Veldeman Bedding NV

Corporate film -Short Version

Veldeman Bedding NV

Stijn Helsen 'Bed' Collection.

Maison de la Literie Paris

Product film 'Ducall Literie'

Carglass NV

Video-report 'Be Proud'

Many other clients in the past : Laborelec NV Linkebeek, Electrabel NV Linkebeek, ING Brussel, Cap Gemini NV Zaventem, Van Ratingen NV Hasselt, Marlux NV Tessenderlo, Jezet Seating NV Overpelt, Maison de la Literie NV in Paris, many projects for Carglass NV Hasselt ...
And Director of Many Corporate Films for Production Company's in Brussels. Also many direction-commands for the VRT : Vuurvogel , Tijd is Geld ,Boulevard , Vlaanderen Vakantieland, KMO-Partner , PME Partenaire (RTBF) Euro-Partner , Het vrije beroep, Starten met je eigen zaak.

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